Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i voted yesterday - not that it was the first time i have ever voted - but there was something - special - about what took place yesterday.
there was a sense of history being made. i marked the spot in my mind - so 20 years from now - i can point to it and say, that is where i voted and made my choice - her or him. that is where the newness originated - for me.

i remember growing up, votes and voting seemed like a 'secret' process. i don't remember daddy or momma ever discussing with anyone who they voted for. maybe they did, i just don't remember.

i do remember him saying, if you don't stand up - you can't be counted.

i believe he would be happy with the way things are going -

(the pic - my daddy on the right and a buddy of his - sometime during the korean war)


Anonymous said...

Hi Toe. I just found your blog. You have really touched my heart. You write from your soul. You have made me weep. I wish I had read your earlier bog entries when you first wrote them but a blessing I found them now. I really hope you are happy and I pray your family is altogether in Paradise. You are an awesome writer and I'm sure an awesome person!!!!! Blessings and love. Peg

Toe said...

thank you, Peg - i truly appreciate the compliments - Toe