Monday, March 31, 2008

i got one of those 'getting to know you' emails recently and it got me to thinking about how things have turned out for me - i will soon be 50 and there are days i don't feel older than 25 going on 14 - memories of my childhood are as fresh as if they had happened yesterday - yet, i have a hard time with what i actually did yesterday - i don't know what that says about growing old - it doesn't really concern me - it seems to concern those around me more than it does me - sometimes its the way i choose to remember - i'll remember the good times - forget the bad - i'll remember how loving momma and daddy were to one another - not how they fought or why - i'll remember how close bubba and i were - not how it was when he was mean - and i'll remember how much love there was when we got together as a big 'family' and had these week-end long gatherings and bar-b-ques with everyone we ever knew in attendance and all the kids sleeping here and there - spread out on folding beds all over the big front porch of the house on the hill - and not the parade of 'uncles' who took advantage of free liquor and loving children.
i'll remember - i was a little boy with little boy dreams - dreams of sunshine - dreams of stardust - dream of cornfields and dreams of safety ...

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