Sunday, March 09, 2008

sisters - middle sis and baby sis - east texas - april 1965 -
i have always been a little jealous of the bond i witness between sisters - sisters here and sisters there. sisters through thick and thin. sister woman. sister friend. emotions to the surface and raw.

tried, but never felt that bond with my brothers - guess it was because i always felt 'different'. older brother and i - were so very close when we were younger - he fell and i bruised - i cried and he shed the tears - and then our roads divided - he went down one path and i went down another. in the eyes of an outsider - one good and one bad. which was which. i miss him.

baby brother and i - so far apart in ages that i often feel more parent than brother - so i measure what i say and how. i see my father in him and wonder does he see the same in me - hows work - the family and i like your new car -

i am not good at - comforting without emotion - solving without involvement - being a 'man' - a good little soldier - i work on it - but still feel i fall short -

i think i have sister blood in me -

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