Friday, March 14, 2008

my grandmother - mother to my father - sina dimple crockett - most everyone called her 'dimple' - some would add an 's' at the end of that. we kids called her 'Gran'.

my earliest memory of her - honestly, is being spanked by her - or as we used to say, 'whooped'.

her father - who we called 'poppa' - insisted she spank me after i 'threw a fit' - or he would do it for her - so she spanked me - sent me outside to pull a switch from the tree in the front yard - then she grabbed one hand and she and i danced around the trunk of that tree for what seemed like an eternity.

i remember being more shocked that she would whip me, than anything that had ever happened in my young life. i remember thinking that i would tell my daddy on her - i remember crying. and i remember marching back into the house - poppas house - and picking up each of the raisins i had thrown on the floor when i was given them instead of the candy i requested.

i am not sure when the photo was taken, but that is Gran before she was Gran - when she was just Sina Dimple Crockett... to me, she says Texas.

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Anonymous said...

What a neat looking lady! :)