Wednesday, May 30, 2007

'ded a skeeter git cha?' - i heard that a lot when we were growing up - back in the day - on the hill - in the country -
translated, it means 'did you get bitten by a mosquito?' ..
skeeters seem to follow me around no matter what i do to try and prevent it - i can bath myself in deet and they would feast.
all the rain we have had here in the last month has not helped. we are floating around here and all the abandoned tires and the vacant lots from the bulldozed homes and businesses - something is happening in the area, but not sure what.

trying to reconnect with writing - have read some inspiring blogs that reminded me i liked to write - so i thought i would give it another go.

lord, i hope no one else dies - ok, deal?

i think i am going to talk more about when we were kids - seemed like a magical time - at least to me - so, i'll see ya' around and watch out for them skeeters.

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