Sunday, March 13, 2005

Henry Sanders, Jr - S2C US ARMY - your name looks, sounds familiar. i thought you might have been someone Sister dated when she was in high school. she says no. i know your Family loves you. i know you died for this country. fought for what you believed in. fought for what you held dear. - died for me - for us - for my Family - so that we might be free. was that how it was?

i will remember you. i will not let you go un-remembered. i will speak your name.

HENRY SANDERS, JR S2C US ARMY LOVE YOUR FAMILY - carved right into the stone, placed along the sidewalk - of the Veterans Park i walk every morning.
i'm goin' home. hootie & the blowfish. 6 of us. even have a 2nd cousin, like an aunt - named jeanette.

play it when i am gone.

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